Thursday, April 12, 2007

Advancing Through April

The last couple months have been busy, with many exciting events that have kept me from writing on my blog more frequently.
To recap February, I went to Banff, which was a lot of fun. I did both skiing and snowboarding - though I'm still not as great as I'd like to be on a snowboard because I was quite sore afterwards! Plus, I felt restricted to certain runs, as I would definitely not even attempt to go on black runs, or anything that looked to narrow.
I also went to Cancun, which was not as relaxing as I had hoped, but was definitely nice to have a change in weather! Nicole and I went on a Party Hopper tour that took us to some of the biggest nightclubs: Congo, Dady Rock (aka Dady O's), Senor Frogs, and Coco Bongo. Congo pretty much sucked because it was the first one, we weren't really feeling the vibe, and we were trying to keep some of our energy for the later clubs. We did, however, meet a couple there, named Ricky and Katie. One of the Congo workers had tried to pull Nicole up for a special dance, but she pushed another girl to dance (which turned out to be Katie). She was relieved afterwards because they had ended up putting the girls on the ground and started humping them! lol... pretty funny. Then we went to Dady Rock, which was nothing too special in terms of layout/events; however, they did have a good Mexican cover band - so it helped pass time quickly. Then we went to Senor Frogs - which I thought was awesome. The drinks were great, they had soo many different things going on, and a souvenir shop! They had people hanging upside down, spinning over the bar. They had dancers, a waterslide, tattoo/piercing booths, and my personal favourite, an inhale station with a personal masseuse! Nicole passed on the inhaler, but got a free neck/back massage! Haha. The shopping was great in Cancun, and the weather was pretty nice. We also went on an awful Safari Tour (seadooing/snorkeling), which was just a mess! None of us had fun - it was more stressful than anything. Our resort was really nice, had great daily activities, nightly entertainment, good drinks and food!
March had some highlights as well. First off, there was the Pussycat Dolls concert! Haha, yes yes... I went. It was actually really good - they sounded great, had some decent dancing, and good audience interaction. Additionally, I had great company, so that definitely made it even better! haha. There was also St. Patrick's Day on the 17th.. Ohh and on the 7th it was Markella's birthday, and Dean please don't be mad, but I got my hair highlighted. I didn't like it at first, but I've grown into it. Nothing too drastic, but it did lighten my hair a bit. I can't really think of anything else that happened in March because I'm a bit tired (it's past 4 am), so forgive me. Ohh yeah, Mariah also had her fun night on the 29th (which I won two prizes at! haha)
And as for April, it started out with a bang on the 1st with the Juno Awards in Saskatoon!! They were amazing! It was so neat to see what goes on behind the cameras. Not to mention the little run-ins with some celebs!!!! Haha.. Mom, Mariah, Linnea & I sat together - we had awesome seats.. and Nicole & Keegan also went, and had floor seats right by Nelly, but she didn't like it cause she had to stand the whole time... but oh well. Ohhh, and then Dad got Nicole and I tickets to the EMI Record Label Party at the Odeon Sunday night where we saw Three Days Grace get out of a taxi!! How classy is that? lol... We met the lead singer from Billy Talent (who was soo nice), Bob Rock & The Paolla's, K-Os, Sass Jordan and her husband, and Hedley. We almost got to meet Nickelback... not quite though... lol... We had waited for them because Nicole really wanted to meet them, and they were supposed to play; however, it was late and we were told that they weren't coming anymore, so we left. Then, like fifteen minutes after we left, one of Nicole's friends phoned her and said that they just got there and they met them! AHHH, we were sooo mad, but didn't care enough to go back.. So yeah..
And then on the 7th, we had church we Greek Easter at 11:30pm.. and the service almost went till 2:00 am!! Not impressed! Then we went to Thea Niki's, of course, for some lamb, lamb guts, dolmathes, spaghetti, rice & raisins, salata, and galatemboureco..
And on the 8th was Easter, Greek Easter, my birthday and my name's day.. wow, 4-in-1! haha... We had Easter supper at the restaurant which was lamb, briami, rice & raisins, potatoes, and dolmathes.. not to mention some birthday cake :). Then I had a bunch of friends at Athena for a birthday party - which was a lot of fun! So that was nice.
Then tonight, Wednesday, we went for my birthday dinner (Dad, Mom, Nicole, Mariah, & Keegan). It was nice... we were going to go to Mykonos so I could have my Moussaka, but Dad ended up making some for me this morning (which was really good), so I vouched for Chinese food instead. But yeah... that should be it for now. Ohh yeah, school is done finally and I start finals next week and write until the 28th. But yeah... I'm off to bed I guess now. Good night :)