Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quick Recap.

WOW, it has been an extremely long time since my last blog.. April. Well.. I'm just going to summarize some events and that's about it, just to keep you up to date. :)
May.. I really don't remember that far back.
June.. I went to Osoyoos, B.C. with Brittni for just about 2 weeks to visit Erin and Josh who moved there to work for the summer. We missed the nice weather, and apparently brought the rain with us. SO, we went to wineries.. about 15 or more.. had some amazing wine. It was a nice trip - gorgeous scenery. We stopped at Crazy Creek Waterfalls, on the way... and Calgary, where we shopped, went out, and stayed with Britt's brother. I don't remember much else in June.
July.. I really don't remember anything too spectacular. Just some good times that I won't bother writing about now. Ohhh yeah, there were some concerts I went to.. Those are always enjoyed :)
August.. the month of all things A. Awesome, Amazing, And so on... The EX.. Kevin & I went to go on a few rides, and ate waaaay too much. Seriously. I think we probably tried like 15-20 things. Or that's how disgustingly full I felt afterwards. Then, of course, FOLKFEST! Well, it kind of sucked this year. Actually, it was good.. I just didn't feel like being there. But, it's always a good time; love to go pavilion hopping, taste all the different foods and drinks, and just have fun! But, most of all, see all of the wonderful dances ;) Haha.. And it was also Jenn's 20th birthday.. That was a lot of fun! That's about all I remember about August.
September.. Back to school - CRAPPY. And that's about it for that month. I guess I could also say that I am back at Brenda's. OHHH.. I forgot the two best things: Beyonce Conert (with Sean Kingston who only sang like three songs).. and Rihanna/Akon Concert! Beyonce's show was way better/more professional.. but Rihanna was good, too!
And lastly, October.. Lots has happened, but I'll keep it at a bare minimum. Thanksgiving, Erin & Britt's 20th birthdays, TISDALE.. That pretty much explains it all. We were supposed to go to Swift Current Greek Oniro as well, but just the guys decided to go because of what happened in Tisdale.. but I'm sure it would've been amazing.. Oh well!
Anyways, that's about it.. Now I promise I will try to write again in less than a month.. providing something interesting happens! Hope you all have a good Hallowe'en, and yes.. take care.


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