Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Freezing February

Well, it's February and not too much has changed. Unfortunately, the weather has managed to get even colder, much to my dismay.
It's been about a month since Dean left for New Zealand - you can check out his blog and pics from his trip on his website.
Nicole threw a surprise birthday party for Keagan on Jan. 31st at Athena. He was totally surprised, so I think she was quite pleased. Other than that, she's been busy working every day at the restaurant.
On the 9th, I'm off to Banff for four days... Not sure how my knees will do, but if they fail, at least I'm in good company and have great scenery to look at. :)
On the 11th, there is a Greek Night (which I guess I'll have to miss) that our SR group will be dancing at... maybe the intermediates as well... not sure. Hopefully it will be decent. Eleni brought our group new costumes back from Greece, they're quite the outfits! Let's just say we won't be doing to many quick-changes at Folkfest this year (IF we even have a group - as everyone seems to be going to Greece this year!) The one outfit has like a Sultan hat with like five or six layers of stuff... It's a cool costume from Macedonia, but it's A LOT to wear, let alone dance in!
The february break is next week, so no school! Additionally, thanks to our wonderful gov't who added the new family holiday, there isn't school on the 19th (though I'm gone anyways...)
On the 18th, I'm off to Cancun for a nice change in weather! Unfortunately, though, it's only going to be for a week, so I won't get to miss too much of this cold (but not complaining!). So check back later for pictures.
Anyways.. that's about it for now, I guess.


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