Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Birthday Bash

Wow, it's been a while since my lost posting. So, for those who I have not talked to for a while, I'm back from Europe! It was an amazing trip that will forever be remembered. Anyways, on with the current news.

Well, last Friday (13th) was Brittni's 19th birthday, and yesterday (17th) was Erin's 19th birthday. So, to celebrate, Brittni, Erin, Jenn & I went out to Earls for supper and drinks. It was fun, but, when you turn 19 you have to at least go to a bar, so we went to The Deuce. I know what you're thinking... why there!? Well, it was Tuesday, so... that's kind of where the party is at. Haha. Anyways... we were there a while and had a lot of fun. I posted some pictures from last night; however, some had to be cut as they might portray us (aka - me) as being a little crazy. Haha... Anyways.

As for next weekend... it's the night for Hallowe'en bashes, pubcrawls, parties, etc. All that good stuff. Oh, and candy! :) As well, the Swift Current Greek Oniro (which, thanks to some people, we were not invited back to dance there) is next weekend (28th). I don't think I'll be going due to the exciting party on Saturday at Athena, so you all better come by and visit me there.

That's about all for now! Have a happy and safe Hallowe'en.



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