Thursday, June 01, 2006


So I left off with my little tour of Vatican City. Well... after that Trudi, Penny, Jackie, Lauren and I walked to the Spanish Steps. On the way we stopped to shop in only the most expensive stops where they serve champagne (aka Fendi). Mmm... We definitely felt out of place but it's all good.
The Spanish Steps were a bit of a disapointment because most of us were expecting flowers all over, but they were obsolete. We stayed there for a while and had some gelato in the hot sun.
We then met up with Kim and Jane who walked with us to Trevi fountain. We shopped on the way there, but then Penny and I left early to go back to camp. We took the metro back; however, we missed the shuttle when we got there because we hadn't anticipated the long drive, so we decided to go to the supermarket to get some fruit and snacks to kill time. We saw a bunch of the other guys at the station who came with us to the market. We figured we'd walk back to camp instead of going back to the station to catch the next shuttle, but we had no idea where we were going. Shawn, Jared, Penny, Annie and I decided to go back to catch the shuttle thinking we'd beat Reece, Gaby and David; however, they arrived at the camp before us. Oh well.
Anyways, we were all pretty wiped so we just sat at the bar that night. Wasn't anything too exciting.


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