Friday, May 12, 2006

Pretty Paris & Beaujolais Region

We toured all of Paris in one and a half days. It was really nice, but I think I prefer London. When we were at the top of the Eiffel Tower there was a couple that got engaged up there; that was cool. We saw Notre Dame, the Louvre (Mona Lisa) which was massive, L´Árc de Triomphe, Napoleon´s Tomb, École Militaire, the Bookend Library, the Butterfly Museum or whatever it was, and yeah, loads of other stuff. Oh yeah, Sacré Coeur, which is the highest point in Paris! We went for supper at a quaint little restaurant, my fish was delicious but that´s about it. The wine, cheese, cheesecake, and salad/veggie paté were AWFUL! Oh well. Then we walked down a sketchy area past the Moulin Rouge theater show to our show which was called Nouvelle Eve. It was a pretty good show. The dancing wasn´t great, but I guess I just expect more for a show in Paris! There was a hilarious comedian, and an amazing gymnast who was doing tricks on a rope. It was so awesome to watch.

The next night we drove to Chateau de Cruix in the Beaujolais region. We did a winetesting of the famous red Beaujolais wine, which was alright. It was cool to learn the processes in which the wine went through. Then we went back to the Chateau and ate supper, after which I got sick. I was throwing up so I had a shower and went to bed; however, I couldn´t sleep so I decided to go down to The Cave and party (no alcohol, of course!). It was fun cause we just talked and danced a lot. So many people were just insanely wasted.

The next day we took a picnic and walked was ¨supposed¨to be a leisurely walk, but definitely wasn´t. It was so long, not to mention uphill! If that wasn´t bad enough, it started raining... talk about the poor weather we´ve been having. Anyways, we ate our lunch at the Top of the World point, which is the highest point in the Beaujolais region of France. This is where they do all of the Beaujolais winemaking. It´s so beautiful... you look into the distance and all you see are little grape vineyards. Well, the amount is not little, but the trees themselves are. Then ten of us girls walked to a little village 2 miles away called Oingt. It was soooo cute. We went to a little créperie there....

I´ve got to go... I´m in Barcelona right now, so I´ll finish this post later. Hopefully! Talk to you all soon. We´re going back to France tomorrow (Cannes & Nice)... should be nice!


Blogger Dean said...

Did your French come in handy? Hope you're having fun in Barcelona. I didn't like it there when I went with Contiki but went back and loved it.

You're in for a treat in the south of France. Very nice and different from the north. Hope the weather gets better.

Have fun!

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