Monday, May 22, 2006



To start off the tour of Italy, we stopped by the town of Pisa for an hour or so. So exciting! Actually, the tower was much smaller and different than how I had imagined. I knew the town was existent only because of the tower, but yeah. It was just different.

From there we drove to Firenze, or those who do not know, Florence. We went to a Karaoke club called Red Garter. It was fun because everyone got up and danced, but it was tiny. We got our Tour Manager drunk, which was good. She's the conservative, mother/teacher type, though I think she's very nice. It was just nice to see her let loose.
The next day we did a little tour of Firenze. We started in the Piazza with the replica of the Statue of David. We made our way to the oldest bridge in Firenze where Giorgio Armani has a house on! There used to be fish markets there, however, the Medicci family restricted the shops to Jewellry only because they did not like the smell. We later walked by the markets and then to the Duomo. I had climbed the Duomo earlier, all 463 steps which were steep and winding. Not fun! The view was nice, but not worth the time, money, or pain. Some of us made our way to the Academia where the real Statue of David is; however, the line was sooo long the only one guy decided to wait. Two Aussie sisters, myself, and a guy from Rosthern went to the markets, and then later used the internet cafe. When we met up with the rest of the group, we found out that the other guy had only just made it in to see the statue, but he could only stay in for like 5 min. Anyways, our group then went for a Tuscan dinner with pastas (3) and pork. Then we went to the Space Disco Club, which was HUGE! It was a fun night... very interesting, actually. About 70% of the people in the tour have hooked up. Oh well... there's a fun group of girls that like to gossip about it, so it's heaps of fun.

Continuing on, we went to Roma the next day. I really like it here because there's so much to do and see. We did a tour of the Colosseum (or as the Romans say, the Ampitheatre) as well as the Roman Forum. Then we went to Trevi Fountain and had awesome gelati, however, it obviously wasn't that good because it didn't stay down that long )if you know what I mean). Then we walked to the Pantheon (Temple for the Gods). It was nice, but really, I'd rather see the Greek temples, since the Romans just copied the Greeks. Oh, and according to the Romans, the French copied them. That's what I call Karma.

Speaking of which, I almost lost my purse! Not a good experience... but I got it back, so that was good. I definitelz had a heart attack. Then a girl left her Prada sunnies in a changeroom that I was in, so I gave them to her. That's my little Karma sermon.

Anyways, back on topic... We went to a nice restaurant about a block away from Piazza Navona called Navona Notte. I had delicious lasagna. Mmm... We didn't do anything special that night... Myself and three other girls were in our room and had a lot of fun just talking and lots of laughing (mostly at other people...)

The next day we had a free day to do whatever we wanted in Rome. We started with the Vatican. The museums were really nice. The Sistine Chapel was nice, but definitely not what I had expected. St Peter's Cathedral was really nice too, but all of the churches are starting to look the same. It really sucks because once you see so many things you start to appreciate the great things less than you would normally.

Anyways, I have to go... Tune in for Roma and Venezia.



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