Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cannes to Nice to Monaco


Well, after the long bus ride from Barcelona to Biot, France, we had a free night to do whatever we wanted. All of us just stayed in our campsite and did laundry and played cards/drank at the bar. I just played cards though, obviously.

The next day we had a free day to do what we wanted... go to Nice, Cannes, or stay in Biot. It was a gorgeous day so almost everyone went to Nice to relax on the beach. However, after Nicole rubbed it in my face that I didn't get to go to Cannes, there was no way I could not go! :) There was 9 of us that decided to do the dual cities during the day.

Cannes was really cool, but was totally revolved around the festival, which much to my dismay, started three days after we were there (started on the 17th). Everyone was preparing for it so a lot of the area around the Palais des Festivales was blocked off; therefore, I didn't get to see where they had all of the handprints. Honestly, we've had the worst luck on our trip, but such as life.

Nice was very nice; the pebble beach was a little annoying because it hurt to sit on, plus it gave off a white chalk. The water, however, was SO blue... I didn't get to go fully under, but I did go in it, unlike everyone else. We went to the markets there but they sucked, so we decided to climb up the Chateau which had a gorgeous view of Nice.

That night, we took a 2 hour bus ride to Monte Carlo, Monaco. The view on the way there was really nice. Like everything we see though. We stopped to see the Royal Palace on our way to the Gran Casino. We all went into a tiny casino right beside the Gran, where I won a whopping 23,40 Euro! Haha. I know, it's not much at all, but it's better than losing. One girl won over 300,00 Euro; she wasn't even excited though. Whatever I guess, it's probably because she's always by herself and never does any of the excursions with the group. Oh... aside from her, the cars were so nice. Ferrari's, Porsche's, Bentley's.... ugly or old guys. Haha. Not that I was looking, but... sometimes it's nice to see a younger person with a nice car like that... but I guess they're at a Casino, so if they're young with that kind of money, and they're gambling it away, it's not cool. Lol. Okay. Anyways, I'm off.

Right now I am in Florence, Italy. I will update soon.

Ciao from Italy,


P.S. --> I feel so much more at home in France than I do in Spain because of the language barrier. Who would've thought that French class in school actually helps!
Oh, and there's a Greek girl (from Australia though) on my tour. She's going to Greece after for her first time but she speaks Greek. Cool, hey! Love you all. Bye!!!


Anonymous mariah said...

hi larissa i wrote to you on one blog and i guess it didn't save. It was a really big one. I really gatta make sure that this one you see because this is really important so don't go go get a drink stay here and read this ok. k. anyway for my dance competition if you already heard what i got just keep reading anyway, so at dance comp. i got TWO HIGH GOLDS and one GOLD. I also got two promising awards and one choreography award. i wish you were there to see it! oh and at the waterpark i went on the scariest waterslide in the whoooooooole waaterpark! Nessies Revenge And they put a riverrafting ride in there so i went on that to. At the rides i went on the DROP OF DOOM! (which is now called the space shot but who cares!) Isn't that cool I went on it with Cortland (and i think i was a bit too short but i was wearing high heels!) Oh well atleast i got to go on it. anyway i have to go now love ya!
Mariah + Family

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox and this one is really special XO

5:16 PM  
Blogger Dean said...

Haha, what a goofball Mariah is. :)

I missed the festival by three days or something when I was there, too - oh well. And I think that the Monaco Grand Prix was in town a week or so after we were through there. But by now you probably don't care. I have it written on my calendar at work, but I think you're in Venice by now? I loved it there, hope you do too.

I can't remember if you do Florence before or after (I seem to remember before) but there's a great Gelato place you have to see to believe. Festival di Gelati or something like that. It's just off the road that runs from the main square to the museum with David in it. But there are plenty of other places in Italy to get that in any case and I hope you're getting your fill.

Hope that cold of yours is gone and you're not sleeping away TOO much of the bus rides. So much to see!

Sorry I missed your call but I'm glad I can read about it anyway. Have fun. Austria and Switzerland are awesome. And you'd probably better have a beer in Munich while you're there. As you now know, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

But I ramble. Take care and keep writing.



11:57 PM  
Blogger Larissa said...

Hey you two,

Thanks for writing.

Congratulations, Mariah! That's awesome... I can't believe you got TWO high golds! What dances were they for? Are you excited for your recital? Good luck. Love you babe.

Well I just talked to you about all the stuff you just wrote about, so I doubt yoĆ¼'ll want to hear it twice. But yeah, when I was in Barcelona the races (I do not remember which, but perhaps the Grand prix) were starting. We saw all the teams in town and everything. Anyways, thanks for writing. I'm in Vienna right now, which is beautiful. We head to Munich tomorrow, then Hopfgarten. Say hi to everyone.

Love you both,

7:29 AM  

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