Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well I think I stopped rather abruptly on my last post, but I'll just start from here... after the 12-hour bus ride to Barcelona.

We had a night and then one full day; however, I was still sick on the way, and when we arrived at our cabins every muscle in my body was sore and I had the worst head cold ever. I was wiped so I went to bed around 11:00.

The next day our tour guide showed us the highlights of Barcelona such as the Royal Palace, Gaudi's Cathedral, the Gothic Quarter, La Ramblas (shopping and amazing food markets!!!), and some other stuff like the Christopher Columbus Monument, "L'Arc de Triomphe"(the little one) and Pable Picasso's Museum. I really liked the palace with all of the fountains. I didn't actually get to walk around inside, or around the fountains for that matter, but it was still nice to look at. The food markets were amazing! They had awesome fruit and tons of seafood. I can't imagine having anything like it at home... all I would ever eat is fruit. Mmm... I did some shopping down La Ramblas street. There were so many entertainers on the sidewalk dresssed up in different kinds of outfits; they were pretty cool. We also went to Mestrepiel which had statues, pearls, and leather products. The pearls were sooo nice and the leather was really soft. Only two people bought jackets though (not me!).

That night some of us went to a Flamenco Club for a couple hours. It was alright, but there were only 3 girls and one guy, so there wasn't a whole lot that they could do to make it exciting. I'd have to say the best part was when people from our group got onstage to learn how to dance. The Flamenco girls tried showing the guys, but it was rather pointless.

Later, we all went for dinner at a restaurant along the Port Olymico. We had a really nice dinner with some Sangria which went down rather nicely. We got split up in groups and I ended up sitting with four Aussie guys and one Canadian guy, which was interesting. I really don't understand where all the alcohol goes... but anyways...

After supper, 16 of us went to a club called Baja, which was huge, though I think it may have been a gay club. There was an actual band that sang, as well as a band of girls that danced and lipsynched, and a Dj. In addition, for certain songs, all of the bartenders who were dressed in boxer/board shorts, got up on the bars and did choreographed dances. It was hilarious... though they all had gorgeous bodies/stomachs (which is probably a requirement for the job). Anyways, we stayed there till about 2:45, then tried to find a taxi back to camp. We got one for 23,00 Euro but he brought us to the wrong place. We ended up walking for over an hour because we got lost. The three of us were walking along the highway for a while, found a different camp which we later found had lots of guard dogs, then when we found our camp, we got lost in it... lol... Yeah, I know what you're thinking... But actually, our campground was really big and the security guard pointed us in the wrong direction, twice!

Anyways, we had a fun night... but we were really tired and slept a lot of the bus ride to Biot, France.


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