Saturday, June 18, 2005

My Dance Recital

Well, after a long and exhausting year of dance, it has finally come to an end. Last night we were at the Centennial for over 10 hours rehearsing for tonights show. When we finished at 10:30, there was a huge storm. It was thundering, lightning and pouring like no man's business. Anyways, back to the show.

It was showtime. I was not in the mood to dance because I was just at the seamstresses and they had wrecked my dress. So, like anyone would be, I was upset. They made my dress way too big in the bust. If they didn't change it, it would look like I had size D boobs, and I definitely didn't want to look any bigger than I actually was. So there was no question about it, they had to fix me dress. So, mom left out embarrassed and mad because she thought that I should just wear a bra, but, no way. When I had went for my last fitting the seamstress told me that would be fix, and I was going to hold her to her word.

So, anyways, that's why I didn't really feel like dancing. However, by my second number I was set to go. Mom and Aunty Joanne liked the Senior dances (mine) and a few of the younger ones, but they said Brenda's recital was way better. I found this hard to believe seeing as I went to Brenda's and I was ready to leave half way through. I found it to be so boring, which only makes me imagine what they had to endure while sitting through mine. However, Brenda's had around 56 dances, whereas mine had 33. So, that is a BIG difference in length. Anyways, that's that.


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