Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hairshow 2005

As many of you know, Hairshow was wed-friday. The Wednesday show was horrible because of the technicians. They stopped the music in the middle of sets, and sometimes started/ended the music too soon/late. Thursday's show however went better. I think there was only one set where the techies screwed up the music... but it wasn't really their fault. Friday's show was obviously the best. There was a larger crowd and all of the sets went well. Ashley and Patrick chose Julia F. and Jillian W. to be next years Hairshow directors so that was good. Oh, and I made a little dedication to Ash and Patrick... with a bundle of flowers...
After the show, about 25 of us went to Earls, which was alright I guess. Then we went to Curt R and Cody P's house 'coz they were having a grad/hairshow party. There were so many people there it took a good 15 minutes to get from the front door to the basement. Half the time I was outside with people (despite the rain) because I could barely breathe in the house. It was packed, and people were drinking and smoking, and it was hot. Needless to say, it was not and ideal type of night, but it was nice seeing everyone. Anyways... After that I just dropped the ladies off at home and left.

Here's a pic of Julie, me, and Andrea. (The hair and make-up was meant to be crazy - hence the name Hairshow).


Blogger Dean said...

Heh, it's a good thing you warned me about the crazy hair/makepu, I was going to comment. Which is probably why you put that. :)

Actually, it was hard to see the hair, especially yours, the pic was a little dark. Are they in the gallery, too? I suppose I can check myself, these computers are just so slow.

Anyway, sounds like it was alright. The first nights of these things are always rough. I wish we'd had a full rehearsal for Showcase. Think how much better that would've gone! :)

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Mariah said...

Hi Larissa its 8:59 on may 11 the day we are goig to edmonton! we are going to do a little shopping a little bit of everything if you really want... i can take some snapshots of the waterpark for you? sorry, i'm probably making you really jealous but i won't talk about the waterpark and the shopping anymore:). that's a happy face this... :( is a sad face this ... :0 is a suprised face and this... :D is my alltime favorite face....... remind you of anyone.(other than me).

New Subject.~ WHO SAID YOU COULD PUT my DANCE RECITAL ON your SITE? well i'm just happy you mentioned my name in some of your blogs anyway mom says that we have to go get ready ( mom was using my discman and now i have to go find it) that kind of getting ready. So
talk to you later love ya miss ya


9:15 AM  

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