Friday, May 20, 2005

Dance Power/Hairshow

Hello again.
Well, for those of you who did not know, Dance Power has begun! I competed today with my song & dance group (otherwise known as musical theater... but we actually sing). We got first and have the 7th highest mark in the competition thus far. It looks as though this competition will give us justice, as the one in Moose Jaw did not seem to. The competition ends on monday, so be sure to drop on by.
As well, I had my hairshow dress rehearsal tonight until 11:30pm. However, no one dressed up and we only got through the first half of the show. Talk about a waste of time. Actually, most of the sets went pretty well, so, it might just be a good show. In which case, everyone should be there. It's on wed-friday, may 25-27th at 7:00. Tickets are $5 for one night, $8 for two nights, and $10 for three. I doubt anyone would want to see this amazing show three times, but you never know. Last year it was so skanked up that the crowd filled both nights with a lot of perverted guys who have nothing better to do than watch girls dancing/modelling in skanky outfits. This year, however, the show is actually good, and there is only one set that might be a little riskay. But I guess you'll all have to be the judge of that.
Anyways, I'm off. Have a great long weekend.


Blogger Dean said...

Hairshow? How did you get first and be in 7th, I don't understand that, but still, sounds like you did awesome. As if there were any doubt.

How is your group going with that song (remember you were practicing in the garage)? Did that happen already?

Thanks for the update! Sounds full of dancy goodness.


5:22 AM  

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